Developer Q & A

What is Gear Up?

Gear Up is a multiplayer vehicle shooter about building your own customized tank and putting it to the test against other players online!

Can I stream Gear Up on youtube and Twitch?

Yes, we are more than happy to see Gear Up in your streams and you are free to monetize your strams with Gear Up content as well. It is always nice for the team to see your work please share your link with us.

All right, so why should players check it out?

While many players say they like the massive customization and arcade action, what we really have enjoyed seeing is players experimenting with crazy designs, laughing as they beat their friends with some freakish-looking abomination of a vehicle.

In short, the five of us at Doctor Entertainment love customization… a lot. So we made sure you can combine the vehicle parts in Gear Up in 1 000 000 different ways. We like putting you in charge – even if that means giving you enough combinations to play 10 new tanks every day during the next 250 years!

Great, how come you made it free to play?

We’ve found that our free version allows a lot of players to try the game, experience multiplayer and then buy it if they think it’s fun.

Okay, so what can players get in the paid versions?

All players, including free players, can try all parts so no vehicle parts are exclusive to paying players. There is a limit on how many parts free players can have in storage simultaneously, but you also get more storage for each XP rank you reach!

The basic version gives you unlimited storage of vehicle parts, letting you keep all the parts in the entire game at the same time. You also unlock parts faster as you play the game and can save three vehicle loudouts. The premium version has all the features of the basic version and additionally gives you instant access to all vehicle parts, letting you experiment with all combinations right away!

So how did it all start, how did you come up with the idea for Gear Up?

We began working on Gear Up in 2011. Both Anders and Jesper had worked on several AAA-titles before including the Battlefield series. We felt that we wanted to do something with vehicles but more accessible and arcade style with customization, building and using our own game engine.

How come you chose to go through Steam Green Light and Early Access?

We used Steam for network and game lobbies from the start and at that time Steam reached out to us and invited us to be part of Greenlight and Early Access. We were actually part of the first batch of games that were chosen to be on Greenlight and then Early Access.

Okay, did you have any challenges in developing the game?

To be honest we kind of underestimated the amount of work that goes into making a multiplayer action game with customization, the game grew more and more as our dreams got bigger. Three children have been born during the development and we’re a team of five. In the end, we’re incredibly excited about what our small team has accomplished and we’re glad that we made the choice to let the development take longer, ending up with what a better result.

What game engine is Gear Up running on?

All our games run on Traktor which is our in-house technology for rendering, physics, level-editing, scripting, pipeline, animation, AI, etc. Find out more about Traktor at

Will you release any modding tools?

We would like to ship the editor but it is uncertain if we will be able to do that. We want players to be able to build or modify levels, vehicle parts, game modes or any other game content. We have a great community supporting us with feedback and creative ideas so it would be awesome to involve them even more!

Do you have any DLC or upcoming content planned?

We plan to support the game as long as we have players!

Will you release Gear Up for any other platforms than PC, Mac and Linux?

Anything is possible. We’ve worked with other platforms before so we have the experience at least, time will tell!