Greenlight has been awesome so far!

Apart from the chance to get into the Steam Store, we had two short term goals that we wanted to fulfill.

First we needed a reality check, is Gear Up a game that interests others or should we can it?
The second goal was playtesting. We are only four persons in the office and that is clearly not enough when playtesting a game for up to 32 players. We desperately needed testers who enjoy vehicle shooters and could contribute with valuable feedback and ideas.

Both goals have been accomplished, within 12 hours after Gear Up got on Steam Greenlight we had over 1000 requests for alpha keys. That is pretty awesome considering that we only had 12000 unique visitors and that the link to the sign-up site has to be copy-pasted. The great number of sign-ups combined with all the nice and encouraging comments made us confident that we're not the only ones believing in the project.

Now we have luxury problems such as logistics, we need to send out thousands of keys and before that we need to get all those keys. Please bear with us while we are solving these problems. We expect to send out the first round of keys on Wednesday or Thursday this week.

Thanks for your support and for your patience.


Posted on Monday, September 3, 2012 - 21:10