New Map + Parts Unlocks in Big Steam Early Access Update!

The wait has been long and we appreciate your patience. We finally bring you the long awaited update including a complete rebalancing of parts, the new Parts Store, Mass added as a new factor, a lot of stabilizing, bug fixes and the new map “Valley”!

These changes and improvements are a direct result of your feedback and ideas. As a small indie team of five, we want to thank you for your support, ultimately making Gear Up a better game! The new update introduces the Vehicle Parts Store where you buy new parts and upgrades for "G", the in-game currency. These are not micro-transactions but a type of score you earn by playing the game!

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  • This update introduces the Vehicle Parts Shop. Earn in-game currency, “G”, by playing matches and use them to purchase new parts. Free players can now try every part but can only have up to ten parts.
  • All parts have been completely rebalanced. There are so many changes that there's no point in trying to point out each and every one.
  • Masses now play a significantly larger part in game play. Combinations and specializations are much more important now.
  • This update also includes the new Valley map. It's a small map suitable for a small amount of players. Available in all game modes.

New Map - Valley

Mass is now a factor - Will you go small and light or big and heavy?

F.A.Q How do I earn “G” to buy new parts?

You start off with 5 G and earn more by playing Gear Up multiplayer games. You currently earn G for the following:
1 G for Participating
1 G per 10 Kills
1 G per 10 Captures (in Conquest game mode)
2 G for Winning

How many parts can I own with the free version of Gear Up?

With the free version, you can own 10 parts in total, at the same time. You start off with 4 parts and 5 G. You can always sell parts that you don’t use and buy new from the whole range of parts in the Parts Store.

Can I sell parts?

Yes! You can sell all parts except the initial 4 parts you always start off with. Select the item you want to sell in the Parts Store and click the red “Sell” button. You will recover some of the G you used to buy the part.

What happened to all the parts I had before the update?

To test the Vehicle Parts Store and the G system, all parts earned up until now had to be reset. We understand that this can come as a shock to some players, but again we must recognize that the game is not finished and needs further testing.

I have the premium version of Gear Up, how come I don’t see the parts store?

First off, a BIG thank you for supporting our independent studio by purchasing the premium version! With premium, you immediately have access to all parts in the game and can build your tank directly in the “Build Vehicle” menu option.

Build your ultimate vehicle of destruction in the parts store!

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Posted on Friday, June 27, 2014 - 17:06